7 Top Ways to Find Chinese Importers, Explore China Market in 2017

Published in 2017-05-01, Update Monthly

1. Attend the Largest Trade Show(Exhibition) in China
China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), It is held twice a year in Guangzhou, China.

2. China Commodity Net by Ministry of Commerce, China
A good way to find powerful manufacturers in China, manufacturers are purchasers(importers). (There are no scammers are on this platform, not like Alibaba)

3. Go to Commercial Counselors of China Gov in Your Countries
Here is the contact info for each countries.

4. Go to China Customs Official Platform(2 Websites)
to Buy Importing Statistics. or Get Free Trade Reports.
http://www.e-to-china.com/ - http://english.customs.gov.cn/

5. Come to Wholesale Markets in China.
Guangzhou is the main wholesale center for most of categories of commodities in China. A lot of goods are delivered to Guangzhou, and distributed to the whole China, and the world.
For example: Liwan Plaza in Guangzhou, It is largest jewelry and gemstone trade market in China, Many rough gemstone suppliers/miners from the world come to this market, to sell the gemstone minerals directly to those jewelry businessmen quickly and in large quantity with good price. Chinese buyers in Liwan Plaza are manufacturers and traders, wholesaler. They need material from all over the world.

6. Find a Sales Agent in China
Just me, Who are based in Guangzhou, has 9 Years Experiences in trade, to help you explore China market.
Click to know more

7. Find Your Country's Chamber of Commerce in China
They have many info about China trades.
For Example: https://www.amchamchina.org/

Other Ways - worth giving a try.
Linkedin, some of large companies in China have their pages on Linkedin.
Foreigner Forums in China on the Internet. There are a lot of foreigners in China, Many of them are working or do business in China. They may help you to explore China markets.
For example: gochengdoo

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